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Coffret Chansons de la II Guerre Mondiale / 4 CD

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°WWII Songs Vol 1 01-We’ll Meet Again (Wilkinson, Arthur/Parker, Ross/Childs, Hugh) Int. Vera Lynn 02-Sweet Lorraine (Burwell) Int. Art Tatum 03-Run, Rabbit, Run (Noel Gay/R. Butler) Int. Flanagan & Allen 04-I’ll Be Seeing You (Sammy Fain/Irving Kahal) Int. Billie Holiday 05-We’re Gonna Hang Out The Washing On The Siegfried Line (Michael Carr/ Jimmy Kennedy) Int. Sidney Lipton & His Orchestra 06-Jack Armstrong Blues (Louis Armstrong) Int. Louis Armstrong 07-There’ll Always Be An England (Parker/Par Davies/ H. Charles) Int. Deanna Durbin 08-Circus In Rhythm (Mundy) Int. Count Basie 09-The Whites Cliffs Of Dover (Nat Burton/ Walter Kent) Int. Vera Lynn 10-Hot Lips Page (Page) Int. Miss Martingale 11-The Spitfire Song (Johnny Preston) Int. Sam Brown & Joe Loss Orchestra 12-Bechet Parade The Blues (Handy) Int. Sydney Bechet 13-Kiss Me A Goodnight, Sargeant Major (Noel/Pelosi) Int. Billy Cotton & His Band 14-A Trio Groove (Cole) Int. Nat King Cole 15-It’s A Lovely Day Tomorrow (Irving Berlin) Int. Vera Lynn 16-Black And Blue (Waller) Int. Louis Armstrong 17-As Time Goes By/Casablanca (Herman Hupfield) Int. Dooley Wilson 18-Melodrama In A V-Disc (Carter) Int. Benny Carter 19-For Dancers Only (Olivier) Int. Jimmie Lucenford 20-Till The Lights Of London Shine Again (Thomas Connor/ Edward Pola) Int. Joe Loss & His Band 21-Boucin’ On A V-Disc (Waller) Int. Fats Waller 22-This Is The Army, Mr. Jones (Irving Berlin) Int. Irving Berlin 23-Screamin’ Boogie (Hampton) Int. Lionel Hampton 24-A Rodeo Down In Tokyo And A Round Up In Old Berlin (Ozzie Waters) Int. Ozzie Waters °WWII Songs Vol 2 01-You’ll Never Know (Mack Gordon and Harry Warren) Int. Vera Lynn 02-Remember Pearl Harbor (Don Reid/ Sammy Kaye) Int. Sammy Kaye & His Orchestra 03-Wish Me Luck (As You Wave Me Goodbye) (Phil Park/ Harry Parr-Davies) Int.Gracie Fields 04-I’ve Found A New Baby (Williams) Int. Louis Jordan 05-When The Lights Go On Again (Bennie Benjamin/ Sol Marcus/ Eddie Seiler) Int. Vera Lynn 06-Smoke On The Water (Zeke Clements/ Earl Nunn) Int. Wesley Tuttle 07-Adolf (Anette Mills) Int. Billy Cotton & His Orchestra 08-Boogie Woogie On St. Louis Blues (Handy/Hines) Int. Earl Hines 09-Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition! (Frank Loesser) Int. The Merry Macs 10-Harlem Airshaft (Ellington) Int. Duke Ellington 11-(It’s Just Too Bad For) Nasty Uncle Adolf Int. Ambrose & His Orchestra 12-After You’ve Gone (Creamer) Int. Sydney Bechet 13-The Deepest Shelter In Town (Jones) Int. Florence Desmond 14-It’s So Nice It Must Be Illegal/Martinique/Waller Jive/Hallelujah (Waller) Int. Fats Waller 15-Comin’ In On A Wing And A Prayer (Jimmy McHugh/ H.Adamson) 16-American Patrol (Glenn Miller) Int. Glenn Miller 17-«V» Stands For Victory (Vincent) Int. Margaret Eaves & Joe Loss Orchestra 18-Basin Street Blues (Williams) Int. Louis Armstrong 19-Jimmy’s Boogie (Basie) Int. Jimmy Rushing 20-London Pride (Noel Coward) Int. Noel Coward 21-Basie Strides Again (Basie) Int. Count Basie 22-Back Bay Boogie(Carter) Int. Benny Carter 23-There’ll Be A Hot Time In The Town Of Berlin (Joe Bushkin/John Devries) Int. Bing Crosby & Andrews Sisters 24-Victory Polka (Sammy Cahn/Jule Styne) Int. The Andrews Sisters 25-D-Day (Ricky Lawson) Int. Nat King Cole °Les Femmes et la Guerre Vol 1 01-La Tour Eiffel est toujours là (Llenas/Lanjean) Int. Mitinguett 1942 02-We’ll meet Again (Parker/Charles) Int. Vera Lynn 1939 03-Mon amant de Saint Jean (Carrara/Angel)Int. Lucienne Delyle 1942 04-Le fichu bleu (Petersburski/Galitski/Maximov) Int. Klavdia Shulzhenko du film Concert pour le Front 1942 05-Courage (Marly) Int. Anna Marly 1942 06-Lili Marlen (Shulze/Leip) Int. Marlene Dietrich 1943 07-La valse de toujours (Vetheuil/Rouzaud/Groëner) Int. Lys Gauty 1941 08-I’ll Never Smile Again (Ruth Lowe) Int. Anne Shelton 1942 09-Partizanka (Blanter/MIsakovskiy) T. Sinyavskaya 1947 10-J’écrirai (Pingault/Solidor) Int. Suzy Solidor 1939 11-Ich hab’ noch einen Koffer in Berlin (Siegel/Pinelli) Int. Marlene Dietrich 1942 12-Something To Remember You By (Dietz/Schwartz) Int.Vera Lynn 1941 13-Bonne nuit mon amour, mon amant (Coquatrix/Arlys/Poterat) Int. Lucienne Boyer 1943 14-Je crois que vous ne croyez pas (Oshanina/Ostrovsky) Int. Klavdiya Shulzhenko 1942 15-So wie du vor mir stehst (Kleindin) Int. Evi Marlen 1943 16-Chant des Partisans (Marly) Int. Anna Marly 1943 17-Dans la tranchée (Listov/Surkov) Int. A.Vladimirtsova 1942 18-Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer (Adamson/McHugh) Int. Anne Shelton 1943 19-Baisse un peu l’abat jour (Bourtayre/Delmas) Int. Elyane Célis 1945 20-Kinder,Heut’ abend (Hollaender) Int. Marlene Dietrich 1940 21-Frontovaya (Sandler/Turovskiy) Int. Lyudmila Zikina 1943 22-He Wears A Pair Of Silver Wings (Maschwitz/Carr) Int. Dinah Shore 1942 23-Le Bal défendu (Scotto) Int. Roberte Marna 1945 24-From The Time You Say Goodbye (Sturdy) Int. Vera Lynn 1941 25-Quand tu reviendras (Warms/Hebertot) Int. Elyane Célis 1942 26-Goodnight Children, Everywhere (Nelson/Chambers) Int. Vera Lynn 1940 27-Seule ce soir (Durand/Noël/Casanova) Int. Leo Marjane 1941 °Les Femmes et la Guerre Vol 2 01-Paris est à nous (Marly) Int. Anna Marly 1943 02-Faraway Places (Whitney/Kramer) Int. Vera Lynn 1942 03-Oy, tumani moi, rastumani (Zakharov/Isakovskiy) Int. Lyudmila Zikina 1943 04-Des mensonges (Kruder/Saubat) Int. Lucienne Delyle 1943 05-Solitudine (Lodi/De Nisco) Int. Norma Bruni 1941 06-Dans le port (Delaunay/Solidor) Int. Suzy Solidor 1942 07-Wish Me Luck, As You Wave Me Goodbye (Parr Davies) Int. Vera Lynn 1939 08-Dans le train (Jacques/Karelina) Int. Klavdia Shulzhenko 1942 09-Sans toi je n’ai plus rien (Markehen/Loysel) Int. Leo Marjane 1942 10-With All My Heart (King/Popplewell) Int. Vera Lynn du film I Love To Sing 1943 11-Crepuscule (Reinhardt/Blanche) Int. Lys Gauty 1943 12-Falling In Love Again (Hollaender/Connelly) Int. Marlene Dietrich 1943 13-Valenki (Populaire) Int. Lidiya Ruslanova 1943 14-On la joue pour nous (Poterat/Pons) Int. Mistinguett 1942 15-Blues In The Night (Harlen/Mercer) Int. Anne Shelton 1942 16-Nuit de garde (Lenoir/Delmas) Int. Elyane Célis 1940 17-Now Is the Hour (Osborne/Lynn) Int. Vera Lynn 1944 18-Lorsque demain (Jover/Bourtayre/Delmas) Int. Elyane Célis 1945 19-Pars en congé jeune marin (Anonyme) Int. Lioudmila Zykina 1945 20-Silver Wings In The Moonlight (Popplewell/Carr) Int. Anne Shelton 1941 21-Chansons grises, chansons roses (Bourtayre/Kubnick) Int. Lucienne Dugard 22-Farewell (Khrennikov/Kravchenko) Int. N.Isakova 1941 23-De la Madelaine à l’Opéra (Tabet) Int. Lucienne Boyer 1944 24-Crying My Heart Out For You (Warren/Gordon) Int. Vera Lynn 1939 25-Malgré tes serments (Christiné/Howard) Int. Lucienne Delyle 1944 26-When They Sound the Last ‘All Clear’ (Elton Charles) Int. Vera Lynn 1941