The Soviet Soldier's Ballade

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Rare are the chapters of contemporary history which, like the Second World War, provoked the engagement and the creativity of the artists. This CD, performed by A.Alaxandrov's Red Army Choir, is a unique collection of songs dedicated to freedom fighters. Patriotic marches with melancholy notes, we will find The Soldier's Ballad, an Evening on the Bay, A small Village in the North, I will never forget you and so many other great creations.

20 songs Duration 79:33

Редкие главы современной истории, которые, как и Вторая мировая война, вызвали участие и творческий подход художников. Этот диск в исполнении хора Красной армии А.Александрова представляет собой уникальную коллекцию песен, посвященную борцам за свободу. Патриотические марши с меланхоличными нотами, мы найдем «Солдатскую балладу», «Вечер в бухте», «Небольшую деревню на севере», я никогда не забуду вас и многие другие великие творения.
20 песен Продолжительность 79:33

01-Song of the soldier (E. Ptitchkine / V. Kharinotov) Int. Moscow ensemble

Dir. Souren Babloev V. Pushkin soil.

02-Ballad of Russian boys (A.Novikov / L.Ochanine) Orch. Boris Alexandrov / L. Kharitonoiv soil.

03-Nightingales (V.Soloviev-Sedoi / A.Fatianov) Orch. Boris Alexandrov / E.Beliaev sol.

04-I will never forget you (Kosmanevsky / Vashenkin) Orch. Boris Alexandrov

05-Valse of the submariners (V.Alexandrov / I. Morozov) Orch. Boris Alexandrov / I.Boukreev sol.

06-Rostov-on-Don (M.Blanter / A.Sofronov) Orch. Boris Alexandrov / I. Boukraiev sol.

07-Samovary-Samopaly (A.Novikov / S.Alymov) Int. Igor Agafonikov Sergei Ivanov sol.

08-The soldier goes by the ways (Anonymous) Int. Moscow ensemble

Dir. Souren Babloev Y.Kissanov sol.

09-The Soldier's Ballad (V.Soloviev-Sedoi / M.Matoussovski) Orch. Boris Alexandrov /

10-The Guard Soldiers at the Berlin Spring Meeting (B.Alexandov /E.Dalmatovski) Orch. Boris Alexandrov / Boris Chapenko sol.

11-Friends of Don (Anonymous) Orch. Boris Alexandrov

12-One evening on the harbor (V.Soloviev-Sedoy / O.Churkin) Orch. Boris Alexandrov

E.Beliaev and Boris Chapenko sol.

13-Singing Gunners (T. Khrenikov / V. Gusev) Int. Igor Agafonikov

14-Machine gun loader (Ristov / Luderman) Orch. Boris Alexandrov /

15-Where begins the Fatherland (V.Basner / M.Matoussovski) Orch. Boris Alexandrov / E.Beliaev sol.

16-Vasya-Vasilyok (Navokov / Alymov) Orch. Boris Alexandrov

17-We will always love you (Mokrousov / Gleizarov) Orch. Boris Alexandrov

18-Elegy to the Fatherland (S. Toulikov / V.Malkov) Orch. Boris Alexandrov / A.Serguev sol.

19-Sing soldier! (Anonymous) Orch. Boris Alexandrov

20-Poem of Ukranie (Alexandrov / Kolychev) Orch. Boris Alexandrov