The Songs of the Great World War 2

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The songs collected in two CDs reflect the feelings and ideas of the Anglo-Saxon public of the time. Little known and insufficiently discussed, that of the popular song pro-belicist period 14-18. These songs of Johnnies and Tommies mix the fresh joy, the pain, the jokes against the German formality, the loves and the hardness of the life of the trenches.

Vol2.25 chansons 77:00

Набор песен, собранных на двух компакт-дисках, отражает чувства и идеи англосаксонской публики того времени. Малоизвестная и недостаточно обсуждаемая, популярная песня про-белицистского периода 14-18. Эти песни Джонни и Томми смешивают свежую радость, боль, шутки против немецкой формальности, любовь и жесткость жизни окопов.

01-Roses of Picardy (Weatherley/Wood) Rec. 1917

02-Oh! How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning (Irving Berlin) Rec.1918

03-Marching Back To Blighty Rec.1915

04-You’re a Grand Old Flag (Coham) Rec. 1918

05-Now You’ve Got the Khaki On Rec.1916

06-Good Morning, Mr Zip-Zip-Zip! (Lloyd) Rec. 1918

07-The Tanks That Broke the Ranks ot in Picardy (Castling) Rec.1916

08-The Yanks Started Yankin’ (Morgan/MacCaron) Rec. 1918

09-Never Mind the Food Controller Rec. 1916

10-Keep the Trench Fires Going for the boys out there (Von Tilze/Morgan) Rec.1918

11-Good Bye-ee (Weston/Lee) Rec.1918

12-I’ve a Bit of a ‘Blighty One’ Rec.1917

13-Oh! It’s a Lovely War! (Long/Scott) Rec.1918

14-I Don’t Know Where I’m Going But I’m on my way (Fairman) Rec. 1917

15-We’ll Do Our Share (While you’re over there) (Egar/Brown) Rec. 1918

16-I Don’t Want to Get Well (Jenfes/Johnson/Pease) Rec. 1918

17-Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty (Mills/Scott) Rec.1917

18-Till We Meet Again (Began Whitting) Rec.1918

19-Hello Central! Give Me No Man’s Land (Lewis/Young) Rec.1918

20-Somewhere in France is a Lily (Canada) Rec.1917

21-The Yanks are at it Again (Cubay/Rubey/Brown) Rec.1918

22-When I Send You a Picture of Berlin (Fay/Drayer) Rec. 1918

23-Au Revoir But Not Goodbye (Brown Von Tilzer) Rec. 1918

24-Stony Broke in No Man’s Land Rec.1921

25-What Did You Do in the War, Daddy? Rec.1918

Performers-01-Ernest Pike 02-06-08 Arthur Fields 03-Harry Cove 04-American Quartet

05-Marie Lloyd 07-Fanning and Fortune 09-17 Florrie Forde 10-19-20 Henry Burr & Peerless Quartet 11-13 Courtland and Jeffries 12-Vesta Tilley 14-15-23 Peerless Quartet 16-Van & Schenck 18-Vernon Dalhart and Gladys Price 21-American Quartet & Billy Murray 22-Arthur Field & Peerless Quartet 24-Frank Miller 25-Tom Clare