The Songs of the Great World War 1

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The songs collected in two CDs reflect the feelings and ideas of the Anglo-Saxon public of the time. Little known and insufficiently discussed, that of the popular song pro-belicist period 14-18. These songs of Johnnies and Tommies mix the fresh joy, the pain, the jokes against the German formality, the loves and the hardness of the life of the trenches.
Vol1.26 songs 77:18

Набор песен, собранных на двух компакт-дисках, отражает чувства и идеи англосаксонской публики того времени. Малоизвестная и недостаточно обсуждаемая, популярная песня про-белицистского периода 14-18. Эти песни Джонни и Томми смешивают свежую радость, боль, шутки против немецкой формальности, любовь и жесткость жизни окопов.
Vol1.26 песни 77:18

01-When Tommy Comes Marching Home Rec.1914

02-The Yankee Doodle Boy (Cohan) Rec.1905

03-Hoch, Hoch Der Kaiser Rec.1914

04-Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh! (Rose/Olman) Rec.1917

05-We Didn’t Want to Fight Rec.1914

06-Don’t Bite the Hand That’s Feeding You (Haier/Morgan) Rec.1917

07-When We’ve Wound Up the Watch Rec.1915

08-Don’t Take My Darling Boy Away (Von Tilzer/Dillon) Rec.1917

09-We Must All Fall In (Mills/Scott-Australie) Rec.1915

10-Send Me Away With a Smile (Slyn/Piantadossi) Rec.1917

11-Our Whistling Tommies Rec.1915

12-When I Get Back to the U.S.A (Inving Berlin) Rec.1917

13-There’s a Long, Long Trail A-Winding (King/Elliot) Rec.1917

14-A Conscientious Objector Rec.1915

15-Liberty Bell/It’s Time to Ring Again (Mohr/Goodwin) Rec.1917

16-Here We Are, Here We Are Again!!! Rec.1915

17-I’m Gonna Pin My Medal on the Girl I left behind (Inving Berlin) 1917

18-Keep the Home Fires Burning till the boys come home (Novello/Ford) 1917

19-Just a Baby’s Prayer at Twilight (Young/Jerome) Rec.1918

20-Laddie in Khaki (Stanley/Kirby) Rec.1916

21-We Don’t Want The Bacon (Carr/Russell/Havely) Rec.1918

22-My Old Iron Cross Rec.1915

23-Would You Rather Be A Colonel With An Eagle On Your Shoulder

Or A Private With A Chicken On Your Knee? (Gottler) Rec.1918

24-Hunting the Hun (Gottler/Rogers) Rec.1918

25-Pack Up Your Troubles (Powell) Rec.1915

26-How ‘Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down On The Farm (After They’ve Seen Paree) (Young/Lewis) Rec.1918

Performers 01-Harry Marlow 02-06-12 Bill Murray 03-Whit Cunliffe 04-American Quartet & Billy Murray 05-Stanley Kirkby 07-Lorraine and Thorne 08-J Philips/Helen Clark 09-20 Robert Carr 10-13-18 John McCormack 11-Royal Court Orchestra 14-Alfred Lester 15-17-21 Peerless Quartet 16-F Wheeler 19-Henry Burr 22-Harry Champion 23-24 Arthur Fields 25-Reinard Werrenrath 26-Harry Fay