The Shadow Times / From Châteaubriant to Ravensbrück

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Songs in tribute to the resistant women of Ravensbrûck through the poems of Sylvia Monfort, and the letters of the executed of Châteaubriant.

Песни в честь стойких женщин Равенсбрюка через стихи Сильвии Монфорт и письма казненных Шатобриана.

First part Tribute to the shots of Châteaubriant (October 1941)

Texts by Raoul Delfosse Musical accompaniment Jean Wiener

01-The tragedy

02-Humiliation, courage

03-And suddenly, the partisans


05-French market

06-Letters of shooting

07-Those of the Red Poster

08-He who believed in heaven ...

09-The night and the fog

10-Do not sleep with the deportees

11-Do not forget them

Second part Poems written in Ravensbrück (1943-1945)

Texts by Silvia Monfort and Micheline Maurel Original Music by Joseph Kosma *

12-Future memories

13-Prayer during the call

14-Effect of snow

15-The Ravens

16-The eternal song


18-The high road

19-September 1st

20-A dream

21-Of the revier



24-Eyes closed

(*) Orchestra under the direction of Serge Baudo Text presentation of Renée Galharret

Texts said by Jany Sylvaire