Songs of the Red Army 1941-1945

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From the heroic ruins of Stalingrad to the victory over Nazism, share the great hours of the Red Army through the songs of the Great Patriotic War, which We will defeat, My Moscow, the Song of the Gunners, the Day of the Victory...

23 songs Duration 74:33

От героических руин Сталинграда до победы над нацизмом разделите великие часы Красной Армии через песни Великой Отечественной войны, которые мы победим, Моя Москва, Песнь артиллеристов, День победа ...
23 песни Продолжительность 74:33

01-The Sacred War (A. Alexandrov / V. Lebedev-Humach)

02-Farewell Village Natal (Mr. Blanter / M.Isakovsky)

03-The Dnieper (M.Fradkin / Y. Dolmatovsky)

04-Song of the Defenders of Moscow (B. Mokrousov / A.Surkov)

05-Bryansk Forest (S.Hatz / A. Sofronov)

06-In The Trench (K.Listov / A.Surkov)

07-We will win (B. Alexandrov / A.Shirov)

08-My Love (Mr. Blanter / Y. Dolmatovsky)

09 - Song of the Soviet Army (A. Alexandrov / O. Holychev)

10-Farewell to Our Mountains (Y. Zharkovsky / N. Bukin)

11-A Beautiful City In The North (T. Khrenikov / V.Gusev)

12-My Moscow (M.Lisiansky / S. Agranian)

13-In the Forest Near the Front (Mr. Blanter / M.Isakovsky)

14-Smuglianka (A.Nivikov / Y. Shvedov)

15-Song Defenders of Tula (A.Nivikov / Y. Shvedov)

16-Singing Gunners (T. Khrenikov / V.Gusev)

17-The Sailors' Night (V. Soloviev-Sedol / S. Fogelson)

18-Under The Balkan Stars (Mr. Blanter / M.Isakovsky)

19-I Returned From Berlin (I.Dunaevsky / L.Oshanin)

20-It's Time To Go On The Road (V. Soloviev-Sedol / S. Fogelson)

21-Katyusha (M. Blanter / M. Isakovsky)

22-What Have You Become, Comrades

Of fight? (V. Soloviev-Sedol / A. Fatianov)

23-Victory Day (D. Tukhamov / V. Kharitonov)

Choirs Written By Boris Alexandrov (1883-1946- Director of Orchestra Agafonnikov

Soloists 3-5 Valeri Gavva10-12-15-17-20 Boris Zhaivoronok 11-14 Serguei Ivanov

01-14 Peter Bogachev 6-08-19-21-22 Leonidpshenichny 11-Victor Buzlov 23 Edward Jobkovsky