May 68 / Chronicle of a revolt

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Narrated as a story from the heart of events of Paris during May 1968, this CD offers us a unique archive document. What did these young rebels want? Did the movement shatter the political left? Was the revolt social or a coincidence of the time when "France was bored"?

30 documents Duration 43:45

Рассказанный как история из событий Парижа, в мае 1968 года этот диск предлагает нам уникальный архивный документ. Чего хотели эти молодые повстанцы? Разрушило ли движение политические левые? Было ли восстание социальным или совпадением того времени, когда "Франции было скучно"?
30 документов Продолжительность 43:45


01-First Part (7 June) De Gaulle Speaks (5 May) Cohn-Bendit and Direct Democracy (17 May) Cohn-Bendit According to Georges Séguy (3 May) Closure of the Faculty of Letters of Nanterreby the Dean Grapple (3 May ) Closure Of The Sorbonne By The Rector Rock (May 3) The First Fights Boulevard Saint-Michel (May 3) First Impressions Of Alain Peyrefitte (May 6) The First Riot Of The Latin Quarter (May 7) The Students At The Arc De Triomphe (May 7th) The Bourbon Palace, L'Elysée: Student Comments

02-Second Part (8 May) Alain Peyrefitte Promet to Open the Sorbonne (8 May) The Action of High School Students (10 May) Night Barricades Gay Street Lussac

Dialogue Chalin -Geismar: The First Barricades: The Street Fights

03-Third Part (11 May) Georges Pompidou Returns On The Scene (13 May) The Sorbonne Is Occupied (12 May) Jean-Paul Sartre And The Violence

04-Fourth Part (14 May) Occupation of Sud Aviation in Bouguenais (14 May) Occupation of the Odeon (16 May) Occupation of the Cleon Factory

05-Fifth Part (May 16) Why This Spontaneous Movement? By Eugene Descamps, Secretary General

From C. F. D. T. (May 17) Students At Renault In Billancourt (May 19) De Gaulle And The "Chienlit" (May 20) Occupation Of Plazza Athenee

06-Sixth Part (19 May) Pierre Mendes-France Takes Position (20 May) Self-Management According to the CFDT (21 May) Waldeck-Rochet (PCF) In the National Assembly (22 May) Mr Pisani Will Vote Censorship (23 May) Cohn-Bendit In Germany (May 24th) The Crowd Listens The Announcement Of The Referendum By General De Gaulle (May 24th) The "Taking" Of The Stock Exchange (May 24th) New Riot Party In The Latin Quarter (May 28th) ) François Mitterrand Proposes a Government of Transition

07-Epilogue (May 29th) De Gaulle Part For Colombey The Two Churches (May 29th) Pierre Mendes-France And The Transition Government (May 30th) General Address Of General De Gaulle (May 30th) Michel Debré In Champs Elysées