Malcolm X / The Last Message

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Highly colored, cutting edge and revolutionary, Malcolm X had dared to confront the racist power of Washington and then denounce the sectarianism of the Muslim Brotherhood. This is his last speech by the leader of black Americans, before falling under the bullets of fanaticism on February 21, 1965.

Duration 78:00

Малкольм Икс, харизматичный, авангардный и революционный, осмелился противостоять расистской власти Вашингтона, а затем осудить сектантство Братьев-мусульман. Это его последняя речь лидера чернокожих американцев перед падением фанатизма 21 февраля 1965 года.

The 01-Report-Attack

02-Situation of Blacks in the world

03-International Solidarity Black

04-Neocolonialism and Resistance

05-The Third World with the US Blacks

06-Islam and racism

07-Violence and racism of the USA

08-The language of the brutes

09-The racist press

10-A psychological war

11-Racist character of imperialism

12-Hysteria and lies

13-The myth of the Good Wild

14-Kennedy and the African Revolution

15-The Black Muslims and the Black Revote

16-Kennedy and the civil rights movement

17-The system pushes to explode

18-Black consciousness and the struggle