Mahatma Gandhi / A soldier for Peace

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This CD's collected audio documents related to the political battles of the Great Spirit (Mahatma) and especially the evocation of Gandhi made by his fellow soldiers. Just a tribute to one who, as Martin Luther King says, "is more present than ever in the hearts of his people".

13 speech Duration 59:00

Этот компакт-диск объединяет звуковые документы, связанные с политическими битвами Великого Духа (Махатмы) и особенно с воспоминаниями о Ганди, сделанными его коллегами-солдатами. Просто дань уважения тому, кто, как говорит Мартин Лютер Кинг, «больше, чем когда-либо, присутствует в сердцах своего народа».
13 выступлений. Продолжительность 59:00


01-Lord Louis Francis Mountbatten (1900-1979)

Last Viceroy of India.

Farewell to the friend (Speech of 1969)

02-Interview of Gandhi on US radio / 1931

"In London I will dress in European."

03-Albert Einstein / 1932

"You will never be beside evil."

04-Mahatma Gandhi speaks to Parisians / 1931

"The world is disgusted with bellicose methods."

05-Martin Luther King / 1958

"The spirit of Gandhi is more present than we think."

06-Mahatma Gandhi in Geneva / 1931

"I am a soldier of peace."

07-Jawaharlal Nehru / Prime Minister of India

"India is now free."

08-Spiritual Message of Mahatma Gandhi / 1932

"I believe in god."

09-Jivatran Bhagwandas Kripalani /

President of the National Congress of India. Disciple of Gandhi

"He was neither God nor Superman but a man."

10-Mahatma Gandhi speaks to the English (Darwen / 1931)

"I love you children as I love mine ..."

11-J. Nehru announces the death of Gandhi (31/01/1948)

"Friends and comrades, the light has just gone out."

12-Mahatma Gandhi speaks at the Asian Conference / 1947

"Excuse me if this old man speaks so low ..."

13-Madeleine Slade called Mirabehn (1892/1982)

Secretary of Gandhi

"He tried everything in the nonviolent struggle."