Ladies and Croones

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Elegance, restraint, swing, glamor. It is a dim light in a smoky room, a voice that whispers a love theme that captivates us. The term for this sentimental singer can not be more appropriate: crooner. In English language: the one who whispers. A term which, at the beginning of the 1930s, had derogatory connotations that time will erase. Jealousy, censorship, helplessness in front of a musical genre that imposed itself on the youth victim of the shackles of the interwar period? The popularity of crooners as well as ladies can not be separated from the phenomenon of radio as a popular, young and innovative media. It is their love that is the central theme of these songs. Romantic love and physical love. The love of a generation that will give its life from the battle of Normandy to that of Moscow or the fiery beaches of the Pacific. Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Vera Lynn, Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Nat King Cole, Al Bouilly and others bring us back to the big bands.
27 songs Duration 79:46

Элегантность, сдержанность, качели, гламур. Это тусклый свет в дымной комнате, голос, который шепчет любовную тему, которая очаровывает нас. Термин для этого сентиментального певца не может быть более подходящим: певец. На английском языке: тот, кто шепчет. Термин, который в начале 1930-х годов имел уничижительный оттенок того времени, будет стираться. Ревность, цензура, беспомощность перед музыкальным жанром, который навязал себя молодым жертвам кандалов межвоенного периода? Популярность как певцов, так и женщин не может быть отделена от феномена радио как популярного, молодого и инновационного средства массовой информации. Именно их любовь является центральной темой этих песен. Романтическая любовь и физическая любовь. Любовь поколения, которое отдаст свою жизнь от битвы в Нормандии до битвы под Москвой или огненных пляжей Тихого океана. Синатра, Дин Мартин, Бинг Кросби, Вера Линн, Джуди Гарланд, Мэрилин Монро, Нат Кинг Коул, Аль Буйи и другие возвращают нас к большим группам.
27 песен Продолжительность 79:46

01-Frank Sinatra/Fly Me to The Moon (Bart Howard) 1964

02-Patti Page/Try To Remember (Harvey Schmidt/Tom Jones) 1965

03-Nat King Cole/Fascination (F.D. Marchetti/M.D. Ferauady) 1957

04-Doris Day/Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Gus Kahn/Wilbur Schwandt/Fabian Aude) 1957

05-Tony Bennett/Because of You (Arthur Hammerstein/Dudley Wilkinson) 1950

06-Jo Stafford/You Belong To Me (Chilton Price/Redd Stewart and Pee Wee King) 1952

07-Bing Crosby/And Time Goes By (Herman Hupfeld) circa 1953

08-Marilyn Monroe/I’m Through With Love (M.Malneck/G.Kahn & J.Livingston) 1959

09-Al Bowlly/Midnight, The Stars And You (All Bowlly/Diane Johnson) 1934

10-Judy Garland/If I Had You (Jimmy Campbell/Reg Connelly) 1945

11-Dean Martin/Everybody Loves Somebody Sometimes (Irving Taylor/Ken Lane)

12-Jo Stafford/Stardust (Hoagy Carmichael/Ned Washington) 1950

13-Perry Como/And I Love You So (Don MacLean) 1973

14-Frank Sinatra/I’m In Love With You (Neverthless) (Brian Jonestown Massacre ) 1950

15-Bing Crosby/Begin The Beguine (Cole Porter) 1944

16-Vera Lynn/It’s A Lovely Day Tomorrow (Irving Berlin) 1941

17-Nat King Cole/Unforgettable (Irving Gordon) 1951

18-Martha Tilton/You Make Me Feel So Young (Josef Myrow/Mack Gordon) 1946

19-Al Bowlly/Blue Moon (Rodgers and Hart) 1935

20-Tony Bennett /I Won’t Cry Anymore (Bobby Vinton/Fred Wise and Al Frisch) 1951

21-Vera Lynn/From The Time You Say Goodbye (Leslie Sturdy) 1959

22-Nat King Cole/When I Fall in Love (Edward Heyman/Victor Young) 1956

23-Frank Sinatra/Let Me Try Again (Paul Anka/Sammy Cahn/Caravelli) 1973

24-Patti Page/Moon River (Henry Mancini/Johnny Mercer) 1961

25-Tony Bennett/I’m The King of Broken Hearts (F Tobias/J Tobias) 1953

26-Doris Day/If I Give My Heart To You (Jimmie Crane/Al Jacobs and J.Brewster) 1954

27-Bing Crosby/Beautifull Dreamer (Stephen Foster) 1944

Withe the musical contribution of: 01-Count Basie Orchestra 02-05-20-Percy Faith & His Orchestra 03-Dick Jacobs & his Chorus Orchestra 04-06 Paul Weston and His Orchestra 07-Jay Mac Shann Orchestra 08-Henry Busse and His Orchestra 09-19-Ray Noble & His Orchestra 10-The Merry Macs 11-Ken Lane (piano) 12-Paul Weston & Starlighters 13-Cincinnati Pops Orchestra 14-Ray Anthony and His Orchestra 15-27-John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra 16-Jay Wilbur and his Serenaders 17-Nelson Riddle Orchestra 18-Benny Goodman Orchestra 21-Mantovani and His Orchestra 22-Victor Young & his Orchestra 23-Gordon Jenkins Orchestra 24-Henry Mancini & His Orchestra 25-Ray Anthony & His Orchestra 26-Frank De Vol & His Orchestra