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°Maestros des Jazz Band 01-Ray Miller ans his Orchestra “That’s A Plenty” (Lew Pollack) 1929 02-Bix Beiderbecke & his Gang “At the Jazz Band Ball” (Larocca/Shields 1927 03-Frank Black Orchestra “The Varsity Drag” (Buddy De Sylva/Lew Brown/ Ray Henderson) 1927 04-Ben Selvin & his Orchestra “Broadway Melody” (N.Herb Brown/Arthur Freed) Int. Jack Parker 1929 05-Jelly Roll Morton & his Red Hot Peppers “Doctor Jazz Stomp” (Joe Oliver) 1926 06-Jan Garber’s Orchestra “Louisiana” (Andy Razaf) 1928 07-Ben Selvin & his Orchestra “Am I Blue?” (Clarke/K. Akst) 1929 08-Paul Whiteman & his Rhythm Boys “Happy Feet” (Cab Calloway) 1929 09-George Olsen & his Music “Doin’ The Raccoon” (J. F. Coots/R. Klages) 1928 10-Ted Weems & his Orchestra “Good Morning Good Evening Good Night” (Silver/Sherman/Lewis) Int. Contry Washburne 1929 11-The Kit-Cat Band, Directed by Al Starita. “Magnolia” (Sylva/Brown/Henderson) 1927 12-Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra “Rumba Negro” (Motens/Count Basie) 1929 13-Ted Weems & his Orchestra “You’re the Cream in My Coffee” (Brown/Sylva/Henderson) Int. Parker Gibbs 1928 14-Coon-Sanders Nighthawk Orchestra “Yes Sir, That’s My Baby” (Kahn/Donaldson ) Int. Carleton Coon 1925 15-Jean Goldkette & his Orchestra “Sunday” (Miller/Cohn/Stern/Krueger) 1926 16-Bix Beiderbecke & his Gang «Since My Best Girl Turned Me Down» (R. Lodwig/H. Quicksell) 1927 17-Ben Bernie & his Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra “Ain’t She Sweet?” (Yellen/Ager) Int. Harold «Scrappy» Lambert et Billy Hillpot 1927 18-Ben Pollack & his Park Central Orchestra “On With The Dance!” (Monaco/Leslie/Dubin) Int. Scrappy Lambert 1929 19-Ted Weems & his Orchestra “The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” (Billie Joe/Green Day ) Int. Elmo Tanner 1929 20-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer’s Orchestra “There’ll Come A Time (Wait And See)” (Joe Manone & Miff Mole) 1928 21-Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra “Dinah” (Lewis/Young/Akst) 1926 22-Ben Bernie & his Orchestra “Love Her” (Ben Bernie) Int. The Keller Sisters and Andy Lynch 1926 23-Fred Rich & his Astor Hotel Orchestra “The Baltimore” (Fred Rich) Int. Arthur Humby 1928 24-George Olsen & his Orchestra “Who?” (Jerome Kert/ Otto Harbach) 1925 25-Jean Goldkette & his Orchestra “I’m Gonna to Meet my Sweetie Now” (J.Greer/B.Davis) 1927 26-Howard Lanin & his Orchestra “Black Bottom Stomp” (Jelly Roll Morton ) Int. Frank Harris 1926 27-Sam Lanin & his Orchestra “Hello Bluebird” (Cliff Friend ) Int. Irving Kaufman 1926 °Maestros du Jazz Manouche 01-Django Reinhardt «Les Yeux Noirs» (Florian Hermann/Yevhen Hrebinka) 1940 02-Jo Privat & Matelo Ferret «Manouche Partie» (Jo Privat) 1959 03-Gus Viseur «Matelotte» (Gus Viseur) 1940 04-Stéphane Grappelli «As Time Goes By» (Herman Hupfeld) 1984 05-Noy Gorodinsky & The Barbizon Plaza Hotel Orchestra «Two Guitars» (Trad.) 1951 06-Pierre Baro Ferret «La valse des Niglos» (Pierre Baro Ferret) 1939 07-Fud Candrix «Place De Brouckère» (Django Reinhardt) 1942 08-Roger Chaput & Django Reinhardt «Swanee River» (Stephen C. Foster) 1935 09-Charlie Christian «Swing to Bop» (Charlie Christian) 1941 10-Django Reinhardt «Manoir de mes rêves» (Django Reinhardt) 1943 11-Joseph Reinhardt «Bric-à-Brac» (Joseph Reinhardt) 1955 12-Oscar Aleman & Gus Viseur «Joseph! Joseph!» (Joseph Colombo) 1938 13-Stéphane Grappelli & Joseph Reinhardt «Minor Swing» (Stéphane Grappelli/Joseph Reinhardt) 1955 14-Django Reinhardt «Georgia On My Mind» (Hoagy Carmichael/Stuart Gorrell) 1936 15-Etienne Sarane Ferret «Hungaria» (Sarane & Matelo Ferret) 1942 16-Noy Gorodinsky & The Barbizon Plaza Hotel Orchestra «Shinning Moon» (Trad.) 1951 17-Django Reinhardt «Tears» (Django Reinhardt) 1937 18-Gus Viseur «Undecided» (C. Shavers) 1940 19-Jerry Mengo «La Marche des Petits Lapins» (Jerry Mengo) 1942 20-Etienne Sarane Ferret «Tiger Rag/Hold that Tiger» (D. J. La Rocca) 1941 21-Django Reinhardt «I’ll See You In My Dreams» (Django Reinhardt) 1939 22-Pierre Baro Ferret «Daphné» (Django Reinhardt) 1939 23-Noy Gorodinsky & The Barbizon Plaza Hotel Orchestra «Gypsy’s Dream» (Trad.) 1951 24-Gus Viseur & Frères Ferret «Winds and Strings /Andalousie» (Gus Viseur) 1938 25-Henri Crolla «I Only Have Eyes for You» (Harry Warren/Al Dubin) 1955 26-Django Reinhardt «Solitude» (Irving Mills, Duke Ellington, Eddie De Lange) 1937 °Maestros du Rhythm and Blues 01-Ray Charles «Georgia On My Mind» (Carmichael/Gorrell) 1945 02-LaVern Baker «Soul On Fire» (Ertegun,/Wexler/Baker) 1953 03-Chuck Berry «Johnny Be Goode» (Chuck Berry) 1957 04-Johnny Ace «Pledding My Love» (Robey/Washington) 1954 05-Aretha Franklin «I Say A Little Prayer For You» (Hal David) 1968 06-Charles Brown «Black Night» (Charles Brown) 1951 07-Roy Brown «Big Town» (Roy Brown) 1951 08-Ruth Brown «I Don’t Know» (Stevenson/Benton) 1959 09-Jesse Belvin «Goodnight My Love» (George Motola/John Marascalco) 1956 10-Cecil Gant «I Ain’t Gonna Cry No More» (Cecil Gant) 1944 11-Rosco Gordon «Just A Little Bit» (Washington/Thornton/ Bass ) 1959 12-Ivory Joe Hunter «Landlord Blues» (Hunter/Sample) 1949 13-Arthur Crudup «My Baby Left Me» (Arthur Crudup ) 1950 14-Etta James «A Sunday Kind Of Love» (Belle/Leonard/Rhodes/Prima) 1961 15-Larry Darnell «What More Do You Want Me To Do» (Thomas/Biggs) 1955 16-Wynonie Harris «Don’t Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes At Me» (Hank Penny) 1951 17-Big Maybelle «Candy» (Kramer/ David/ Whitney) 1958 18-Little Willie «John Fever» (Cooley/Blackwell ) 1956 19-Joe Liggins «Go Ahead» (Liggins) 1954 20-Ruth Brown «So Long» (Harris/Morgan/Melsher) 1949 21-Louis Jordan «Buzz Me Baby» (Baxter/Moore) 1945 22-Willie Mabon «I’m Hungry» (Mabon) 1964 23-Smiley Lewis «Someday You’ll Want Me» (Bartholomew/King) 1956 24-Chuck Willis «I Feel So Bad» (Chuck Willis) 1953 25-Percy Mayfield «Please Send Me Someone To Love» (Mayfield) 1950 26-Ella Mae Morse «Money Honey» (Jesse Stone) 1953 27-Amos Milburn «Bad Bad Whiskey» (Milburn/Toombs) 1950 28-Ruth Brown «Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You» (Razaf/Redman) 1960 °Maestros du Rock and Roll 01-Bill Haley & Haley’s Comets «Rock Around The Clock» (Freedman/Myers) 1952 02-Elvis Presley «Hound Dog» (Otis/Presley) 1952 03-Chuck Berry «Roll Over Beethoveen» (Chuck Berry) 1956 04-Jerry Lee Lewis «Great Balls Of Fire» (Hammer/Blackwell) 1957 05-Little Richard «Lucille» (Richard & Albert Collins) 1957 06-Dion & The Belmonts «I Wonder Why» (Anderson/Weeks) 1958 07-Elvis Presley «Blue Suede Shoes» (Carl Perkins) 1955 08-Buddy Holly «Oh, Boy!» (West/Tilghman/Petty) 1957 09-Johnny Burnette «The Train Keep A Rollin’» (Bradshaw/Kay/Mann) 1956 10-Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters «Money Honey» (Jesse Stone) 1953 11-Shirley & Lee «Let The Good Times Roll» (Goodman/Lee) 1956 12-Eddie Cochran «C’mon Everybody» (Cochran/Capehart) 1958 13-Bill Haley & Haley’s Comets «Crazy Man Crazy» (Bill Haley) 1953 14-Dion & The Belmonts «Round Around Sue» (Maresca/DiMucci/Dion) 1961 15-Bill Haley & Haley’s Comets «See You Later Alligator» (Robert Charles Guidry) 1956 16-Elvis Presley «Jailhouse Rock» (Leiber/Stoller) 1957 17-Jerry Lee Lewis «Whole Lotta Shaking’ Goin’ On» (Williams/Hall) 1957 18-Buddy Holly «Peggy Sue» (Buddy Holly) 1959 19-The Cadets «Let’s Rock And Roll» (The Cadets) 1958 20-Elvis Presley «Don’t Be Cruel» (Blackwell/Presley) 1956 21-Carl Perkins «Matchbox» (Blind Lemon Jefferson) 1957 22-Chuck Berry «Maybellene» (Chuck Berry) 1955 23-Elvis Presley «Good Rockin’ Tonight» (Roy Brown) 1954 24-Jerry Lee Lewis «Breathless» (Otis Blackwell) 1958 25-Bobby Day «Rocking Robin» (Leon Rene) 1958 26-Bill Haley & Haley’s Comets «Shake, Rattle And Roll» (Stone/Calhoun) 1954 27-Ricky Nelson «Believe What You Say» (J & D Burnette) 1959 28-Ray Charles «I Got A Woman» (Ray Charles et Ronald Richard) 1954 29-Chuck Berry «Sweet Little 16» (Chuck Berry) 1958 30-The Monotones «Book Of Love» (Davis/Malone/Patrick) 1957 31-Buddy Holly «Rock Around With Ollie Vee» (Curtis) 1956 32-Jerry Lee Lewis «Mean Women Blues» (Demetrius) 1957