Bonaparte / The heroic tragedy

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Here are the music of an age of conflict and passion! From the conquering spirit of the Chant of July 14th to the sufferings of the Conscript's departure, the lyris of the Hymn on the resumption of Toulon, to the naivete of the memories of the people or The dream passes

16 songs Duration 64:37

Вот музыка эпохи конфликта и страсти! От духа победоносного пения 14 июля до страданий отъезда призывника, лири Гимна о возобновлении Тулона, наивности воспоминаний людей или Проходов мечты
16 песен Продолжительность 64:37

01-Anthem on the recovery of Toulon (M-J.Chénier-Catel) 02-The departure of the conscript (Anonymous) 03-The sons are greater than their fathers (Fontanes-Mehul) 04-Song of the Onion (Anonymous) 05-The memories of the people (Lavande-Delon-Béranger) 06-Lament on the Infernal Machine (Anonymous) 07-Where are these enemies? (Fontanes-Méhul) 08-The Vendome Column (Emile Debraux) 09-Chant for the Return of the Grand Army (D'Arnault-Mehul) 10-Each his condition (Bunting-Paulus) 11-Watch out for the salvation of the Empire (Girey-Dupré-Dalayrac-Gossec) 12-Josephine's Tomb (Anonymous) 13-Cantata of May 5th (Beranger-Berlioz) 14-Do you remember? (Emile Debraux-Beranger) 15-Funeral March for the Funeral of the Emperor Napoleon 1 ° (Adolphe Adam) 16-The dream passes (Foucher-Helmar-Krier) Performers: 1-Louis Martini Orch. and Choir 3-7 Choir of J.M.F 2-6 J-C.Benoît 11-13-M.Vigneron (bass) Choir of J.M.F Sextuor Pasdeloup Louis Martini Orch. 9-René Hemon (tenor) Louis Martini Orch. 4-L-Cnel. Jeanneret Orch. 5-Nicole Vervil 8-Raymond Souple ch.10-Paul Barré 12-Irene Joachim 14-Eric Amado 4-Monique Rolin (guitar) 5-12-14-10 Jean Lemaire (piano) 15-Desired Dondeyne Orch. 16-Elval and Orch.