Anthology of Revolutionary Songs

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Anthology of the world revolutionary song, the CD contains, among others the International, The Varsovienne, the Young Guard, Bella Ciao, Ay Carmela, the Red Flag, the Song of the Survivors on a total of 23 unforgettable titles.

23 songs Duration 58:57

Антология мировой революционной песни, этот диск содержит, среди прочего, Интернационал, Варсовскую, Молодую гвардию, Беллу Чао, Ай Кармелу, Красный флаг, Песню выживших на 23 незабываемых названия.
23 песни Продолжительность 58:57

01-International (Pierre Degueyter-Eugene Pottier)

02-Supporters (T.Atourov-S Alimov)

03-Varsovienne (S.Priecel and P.Miguennes)

04-The Song of the Survivors

05-The Red Flag (Paul Brousse)

06-picked flower

07-Hardi Comrades!

08-The Four Generals (J.Baumgarten)

09-Bandiera Rossa

10-Solidarity (J.Baumgarten)

11-The Call of the Comintern (Hans Eisler-Janke)

12-The Song of the Marsh (March Funebre of 1905-

13-Young Guard (Healthy Gilles-Mothehus)

14-The Martyrs

15-The Workers Front (H.Eisler-Bertold Brecht)

16-The Time of Cherries (J.B.Clement-Pierre A.Renard)

17-Bella Ciao

18-Forest mists and meadows of my country (V Zakharov-Mr Issakovski)

19-Ay Carmela!

20-The Tombs of June (Charles Gilles)

21-Song of the Partisans (Marly-J.Kessel-M.Druon)

22-Hijos del Pueblo

23-A las Barricadas!


01-15 Group 17 17-Toscanini Choir Of Turin Dir. Enrico Lini 18-Orch Dir akharov19-Harm.R Halffter 20-Rosalie Dubois 21-Ch Popular From Paris Dir G. Martin 22-23 Ch.Popular Spanish